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Using Cultural Intelligence to Enhance Your Compliance Program

Discover the cultural characteristics that should be understood to maximize the success of your compliance program

cultures whitepaper


Piracy is a rampant global problem for software developers that is made more complex by differing attitudes in foreign cultures as to the seriousness of the crime. When trying to confront infringers on their own, companies can make costly mistakes if they are not sensitive to regional cultures and laws.

Cylynt experts have developed this white paper to provide an overview of the basic dimensions of culture worldwide and some of the characteristics that should be understood before embarking on a compliance program if you want to have the best chance of success.

This White Paper provides 4 key take aways:

Examples of how cultural differences impact decision making
A relevant definition of cultural intelligence or cultural quotient (CQ) and how to measure it
The various cultural dimensions that you'll need to know about to develop your compliance program
How to properly approach compliance in different parts of the world