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Webinar Video Recording:


How to Convert Software License Misuse
to Software Sales 


Ted Miracco, CEO of Cylynt
Dave DiMillo, VP of Global Solutions Sales, Thales eSecurity

Millions of people worldwide are adjusting to what has become the new normal. With remote and home working at an all-time high, inevitably there has been a strong correlation in the rise of software misuse. Likewise, traditional sales methods have been compromised by travel and distancing restrictions. Controlling how your end-users consume your software applications and gaining insight into actual customer software usage is critical to a company’s sales strategy and helps identify the existing and new markets that will maximize revenue.
Join us to learn how digital security expert Thales and license compliance leader Cylynt are providing a robust license management platform partnered with a data driven compliance program that uncovers new opportunities for revenue generation. They will discuss:
  • Today's software compliance landscape
  • How to keep your honest customers honest
  • Data-driven license compliance
An on-demand recording of the webinar and a complimentary license compliance analysis report will be available to registrants.
DETERMINE if your software licensing has been circumvented.
IDENTIFY who is using unlicensed installations of your software.
UNDERSTAND how misuse is impacting your business.
UNCOVER new and existing markets that can maximize revenue.