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Architectural Engineering Company Minimizes Piracy Problem With Cylynt


One architectural engineering company is transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics enable customers to improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. When the company’s director discovered its software was being pirated, he began looking for solutions to stop the piracy.

The Challenge

In 2007 the director of the company discovered its software was being pirated when several of his clients told him that they knew some of their competitors were using the software illegally. In addition, users who were not customers were contacting the company for product support. At the time, the director was unaware of the magnitude of the issue, but knew that it was serious and he needed to look for ways to rectify it.

He began investigating software piracy on his own time, almost as a hobby. Once he learned how serious the problem was, he brought it to the attention of senior management. Management didn’t fully recognize the magnitude of the problem and were worried about the impact any anti-piracy program would have on their legitimate software customers, so It took the director several years to convince them that something had to be done.

The first stage of the program revealed that piracy was happening and that the extent of it was huge. That information in itself took some time to digest. Subsequently, the compliance team tried to develop some models that would help them estimate the potential monetary value of product being lost to piracy and the potential for recovery if they were to embark on a license compliance program.

The Solution

The director tried to rectify the piracy issue on his own by developing internal tools, which were somewhat successful, but not completely. He had been evaluating a Cylynt competitor for some time and was happy with it. In 2011, however, he worked with Cylynt and ITCA Compliance to successfully pursue software piracy against VM Informatics in India. This was his introduction to Cylynt compliance software. After looking at the technology, he realized Cylynt had better search technology logic and there was greater potential for success than with his current tool. He also discovered that Cylynt was complementary to his internally developed tools and realized that he could have even more success by combining Cylynt with his own internal tools


Cylynt has complemented and upgraded the company's anti-piracy program immensely. The financial recovery is growing, which the director appreciates since piracy is also growing. Another positive impact is that legal customers are very happy that the company is pursuing the pirates who are robbing the industry and creating an unfair competitive advantage. The company is so satisfied with Cylynt that the product is planned for wide distribution throughout the entire organization.

Why Cylynt

“We have a very good relationship with the Cylynt team. The service they provide is exceptional. We have worked with them in brainstorming and development and they bring even better ideas that our company needs. We can already see the benefits of some of these changes. It is nice working with the Cylynt people because they listen and explain why we can’t do some things and how we can do other things.

All of the information we have collected using Cylynt remains with our company so it is a long-term venture that we have adopted. We are also looking to expand this technology and distribute it within other divisions throughout the organization. The advice I would give to other companies is to convince management and the programmers who are experiencing piracy issues that Cylynt is a good idea. While they may be concerned that they are being fair to their legal customers and that they are protecting their customers’ privacy, these issues are absolutely solved with the use of Cylynt because you can specify what kind of people you want to look at. You are not only protecting your product, but you’re also protecting the investments of your legitimate customers. All of your piracy issues will be solved by using Cylynt.”

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“One of the many benefits of Cylynt is to our customers, who have been pushing us to pursue the pirates because of unfair competition. Piracy is not going away any time soon, it’s actually growing and now we can do something to minimize this problem."

Key Facts

  • The company's internal anti-piracy program has been significantly enhanced with the addition of Cylynt

  • Financial recovery is growing

  • Customers are pleased that their competitors who are pirating the software are being pursued

  • The company is planning to expand the use of Cylynt to other divisions

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