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Cylynt's Annual R&D Round Table Meeting

Coming in May 2021
Led by Adrian Allen, CTO with his team of Cylynt Engineers

Join Us in Our 4TH Annual Round Table Discussion

At Cylynt, we recognize the importance of listening to and collaborating with our customers. This includes the R&D personnel responsible for integrating Cylynt tools into their software products. With this in mind, the first SmartFlow R&D Round Table meeting was held in 2018 to assist our customers in taking full advantage of the advanced capabilities that Cylynt provides. Two years later, the event has grown into a fully interactive forum where senior software R&D personnel can share their anti-piracy experiences and discuss current best practices and strategies to combat and manage software piracy.

This event helps customers understand how to get the most out of Cylynt’s products, and in particular how to leverage new product enhancements. It provides R&D personnel with a platform to discuss first hand what strategies are working and what are not. It also enables Cylynt to gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs, and how to continually maximize value with features that not only offer the industry’s most sophisticated and automated data gathering capabilities for supporting revenue recovery, but also business intelligence analytics to provide valuable insights into their piracy landscape.

The Location

Our location is yet TBD.  We thank MSC Software Corporation headquarters, a business unit within Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) Division located at 4675 MacArthur Court. Newport Beach, CA 92660 for offering to host the 2020 roundtable meeting but due to Covid-19 was postponed.

The Attendees

Our 2021 round table meeting is for our cutomers and by invitation only, will be for software development personnel that implement security technologies for protecting their companies software IP from theft and misuse. Our R&D meeting will bring together Cylynt technical and customer success personnel with key customer R&D organizations to collaborate on vital software anti-piracy issues and to explore best practices for leveraging data for both license compliance and business intelligence purposes.

The Schedule
(9:00am - 4:30pm)

The following topics will be covered and we will be adding to the list, please check back throughout the coming weeks for updates:

  • Round table introductions
  • Review of meeting notes from 2020
  • Cylynt major announcements: Ted Miracco, CEO  
  • Update and demos of the completed enhancement requests: Adrian Allen, CTO
  • Overall reviews of the Cylynt Platform: Simon Davey, Customer Success Manager
  • SDK new features: Rammy Issa, Application Engineer

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The Cylynt R&D Meeting

May 2021