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Cylynt's SmartFlow Professional is an entry-level, cloud-based anti-piracy solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are developing on-premise software applications.


Professional  provides everything needed to build or expand an effective compliance program for protecting your valuable intellectual property from copyright infringement and software piracy. Armed with Professional, software companies can identify and convert unlicensed users into paying customers. Cylynt clients are discovering significant new sources of revenue, while protecting their existing customers, employees, and shareholders from unfair competition. The usage data collected by Professional is also transforming the way companies manage trials, educational licenses, and enterprise license agreements.

Professional is a subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) platform hosted online by Cylynt through secure Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Cylynt helps software companies track their applications in order to understand how they are being used and to identify unauthorized use or outright piracy. Detailed telemetry data can be leveraged for revenue generation, business intelligence, lead generation, license compliance, and feature utilization. This data can also be used to protect the software brand by eliminating counterfeit licenses and cracked versions that may contain dangerous malware.

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The Powerful Cylynt Suite of Tools: Sentry, Ranger, and Alarm  

Professional includes an entry-level version of Cylynt Sentry to provide a complete anti-piracy, license compliance, and software monetization solution. Cylynt Alarm and Ranger can be added as optional components, which work together to provide additional capabilities found in the Enterprise version. 

The powerful Cylynt Ranger piracy detection application enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to identify and track the illegal usage of older, non-instrumented releases of their software applications.

Cylynt Ranger works with Cylynt Alarm tamper-detection kit (TDK), which monitors software applications and ensures they are being used in compliance with licensing terms and the Cylynt Sentry software development kit (SDK), which delivers usage data from within individual applications through phone-home technology to provide an additional layer of security. Together, Cylynt Ranger and Sentry integrate with Cylynt’s business intelligence analytics to enable customers better understand the data collected and to make informed decisions about the best ways to recover revenue lost to piracy and generate additional sales opportunities.


Additional Key Features: 

  1. Cylynt Sentry includes all essential functions, so integration is fast, easy, and reliable. 
  2. Scalable support is provided for up to two data sources and data capacity up to 100,000 events per month is included.
  3. Event-type support for client-side mapping enables users to differentiate whether the source of the events is licensed, unlicensed, or undetermined. 
  4. Customized license compliance letters and reports can be automatically generated in any language. 
  5. Matching blacklists enable users to exclude machines from cases based on their IP address, Mac address, or computer domain.
  6. Cylynt Sentry includes three named user accounts and data retention for three years.