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top100of2020-1-2SmartFlow Enterprise is the most complete license compliance and revenue generation solution available and includes business analytics, lead generation, customizable reporting, an open API, and CRM integration with Salesforce.



Enterprise is protecting over $30 billion in licensed software products worldwide and is currently integrated in over 900 applications. In addition to the industry’s most sophisticated data enrichment and analytical capabilities, the software features innovative data collection techniques and usage analytics that reflect a deep expertise in developing the latest technologies to uncover piracy, recover revenue, generate leads, and analyze usage, while tracking business and market trends.

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Features & Enhancements

Cylynt Ranger

Cylynt Ranger is a powerful new piracy detection application that enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to identify and track the illegal usage of older, non-instrumented releases of their software applications. By detecting the presence of illegal cracked software installations, this unique product also helps protect end users from the potential threats posed by malware and ransomware that come bundled with cracked software installations.

Cylynt Ranger can monitor and report on the use of multiple software releases, in particular legacy releases not instrumented with phone-home technology. It is easy to integrate and deploy into existing license compliance programs and can be deployed in conjunction with the existing Cylynt Enterprise Sentry software development kit, which delivers usage data from within individual applications through phone-home technology, to provide an additional layer of security. Together, Cylynt Ranger and Sentry integrate with Cylynt’s business intelligence analytics to enable customers better understand the data collected and to make informed decisions about the best ways to recover revenue lost to piracy and generate additional sales opportunities.

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Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise analytics is a fully integrated, cloud-based, best-in-class business intelligence (BI) platform and custom reporting module that helps customers make sense of the patterns that emerge from the usage data available through the case management system. Customizable dashboards offer multiple high-level business perspectives. Standard reports provide views of events, cases, opportunities, and user activity data that offer deep insights, enabling customers to make more informed decisions about addressing non-compliance issues, generating revenue, and staying ahead of the competition.

Enterprise usage analytics go far beyond identifying piracy and under compliance by helping customers optimize trial evaluations, discover technical support issues, and renegotiate enterprise license agreements from a position of strength. Precise telemetry data can be loaded and visualized in ways that drive revenue growth. 



The Open License Compliance Solution in the Cloud

SmartFlow Enterprise is the only purpose-built, open license compliance solution on the market. The unique architecture allows users to integrate a wide variety of data sources, including the Cylynt Sentry software development kit (SDK), as well as proprietary and third-party sources, to drive their compliance program. Customers’ own software activation data or other data sources can be cross-correlated with usage data from Sentry or, for example, Microsoft’s Azure application insights. This open approach enables enterprises to maximize the impact of their data for revenue recovery and business decisions.



CRM Integration with Salesforce & REST API

The Enterprise case management system is designed to work with other CRM platforms that are critical to integrating a license compliance program with sales and operations. Enterprise supports a bidirectional interface to link cases and opportunities to accounts and opportunities in Salesforce. This customizable functionality can also utilize a REST API for downloading event data from the Cylynt gateway server.  

Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

SmartFlow Enterprise was designed to comply with global data privacy legislation, including the European General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). A unique configurable data collection functionality in Enterprise helps users ensure they are in compliance with GDPR by enabling them to collect, omit, or hash personal data based on the country or state of origin. The Cylynt gateway servers provide the ability to adjust or change reporting profiles as future legislation emerges, ensuring on-premise software is prepared for the future as data privacy issues evolve. 

Cylynt Company Insights

Enterprise company insights provides real-time access to world-class data enrichment capabilities. License compliance analysts can seamlessly gather information from within the case management system by simply typing in the company name or domain they are researching. The proprietary technology in Enterprise will search publicly available information and integrate it into the case summary, saving hours of manual effort per case. This feature results in significantly higher productivity, better researched cases, and a more effective compliance team. 

Wi-Fi and Hyperlocal Geolocation

SmartFlow Enterprise includes an interactive map that combines company locations with IP or Wi-Fi based telemetry data.  The geographic perspective is especially valuable with Sentry and Wi-Fi geolocation data. The Google Maps API provides highly accurate telemetry information to verify event data, especially the location of infringing computers. Enterprise can also provide hyperlocal IP geolocation with Wi-Fi level accuracy for devices that may not have a Wi-Fi card.

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Additional Key Features: 

  1. Cylynt Alarm advanced tamper detection kit (TDK) detects binary tampering in the client application.
  2. Support for multiple data sources, including the Cylynt Sentry software development kit (SDK), customer-owned, and third-party.
  3. Event type support for client and server-side mapping enables users to differentiate whether the source of the events is licensed, unlicensed, or undetermined. 
  4. Customized license compliance letters and reports can be automatically generated in any language. 
  5. Blacklists enable users to exclude problematic machines from cases based on their IP address, MAC address, or computer domain.
  6. Country-specific user authorization provides country-level user case access control.