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SmartFlow CEO Ted Miracco to Present Keynote at REUSE 2017: “A Brief History of IP Theft”

Reuse2.jpgLOS ANGELES, Calif. – Nov. 21, 2017 – Ted Miracco, CEO of leading software anti-piracy and cyber security company SmartFlow Compliance Solutions, will present the keynote speech at REUSE 2017 in Santa Clara, Calif. on December 14, 2017.

“REUSE is my brainchild to unify the semiconductor intellectual property (IP) community by bringing together companies from all over the world once a year to Silicon Valley,” said Warren Savage, conference organizer and general manager of Silvaco. “It’s an opportunity for customers to meet companies that can’t afford to go to the large international conferences and an open forum for communication and networking within our industry.”

Miracco’s keynote, titled, “A Brief History of Intellectual Property Theft” will discuss how semiconductor companies throughout the world need to look at ways to protect their designs from unauthorized use and outright piracy, and how to make sure they are benefitting from their innovations on a fair playing field.

“A 2017 report by the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property estimates that the annual cost of IP theft to the U.S. exceeds $225 billion, translating to 1.25 percent of our economy, but may be as high as $600 billion when taking into account unreported/unmeasured types of IP theft,” said Miracco. “I’m pleased to be invited to delve more deeply into this important topic at REUSE and shed some light on the fact that semiconductor companies experiencing IP theft can take steps to protect themselves. There are both emerging technologies to protect valuable IP by identifying misuse and common sense legal steps that innovators should take.”

For more information and to register to attend REUSE 2017, visit reuse2017.com.

About SmartFlow Compliance Solutions

SmartFlow Compliance Solutions was created to help software vendors combat piracy and under compliance with automated tools that minimize the resources needed to identify software abuse and to generate revenue recovery & sales. Over a decade in development, the company’s innovative SmartFlow identification and analysis software represents the best practices of license compliance programs within the world’s leading companies, providing clients with insight on how incompliance and piracy are affecting their business, customers and profits.




Elisabeth Glover
Marketing Communications
SmartFlow Compliance Solutions


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Elisabeth Glover
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