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The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Software Piracy

This e-book is the definitive guide on how to address the global software piracy problem.

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Software piracy and under compliance has been a problem since PCs were invented. 37% of the world’s PCs are running pirated software, according to the 2018 BSA Global Software Survey.

Piracy remains a complicated global problem and, with the emergence of the Cloud, it isn’t going away. Cylynt gives you three things to think about below:

If you’re a software developer, your license compliance technology may have been cracked and your products could be for sale on the dark web for pennies on the dollar.
Revenues are being affected and your loyal paying customers are being undermined by competitors who don’t pay for their software
Illegal copies of software often perform poorly and may contain malware or ransomware, potentially reflecting badly on your brand name and reputation

In this e-book the world’s leading license compliance managers, intellectual property experts, and commercial litigation attorneys share their best practices for protecting your software company from piracy and under compliance, as well as remedies for recovering losses once you have identified infringing organizations.