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Posted By Elisabeth Glover on February 02, 2018

Video Interview: Take Five With Warren

Take Five Logo.pngCylynt CEO Ted Miracco delivered the keynote at the REUSE Conference on December 14 in Santa Clara, CA. In a video interview with conference organizer Warren Savage, general manager of IP at EDA company Silvaco, Ted talks about the global problem of software and IP piracy and the dangers it presents when using cracked software. Any software company that doesn't have an active license compliance program really needs to consider putting one in place. This not only protects licensed customers from unfair competition, it also protects legitimate organizations from accidental or inadvertent piracy by employees who, unknown to the company, download software that has malware in it and open up the company’s entire network to viruses, or worse, open a back door where the company’s IP can be stolen.

Many companies when they think about piracy the first thing that comes to mind is litigation and not wanting to end up in a court situation that could get out of control. That doesn’t actually happen that often. Piracy is often unintentional and a cease and desist letter is not seen by the offending company as a threat, but as an opportunity to fix a problem they were unaware of. For those offenders who are intentionally stealing software, companies need to have the hard evidence that a compliance program provides to be able to go after them with a strong case so that they can protect their IP.

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