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Posted By Ted Miracco on June 20, 2019

Cylynt R&D Roundtable Discussion Inspires New Technologies

STEM RoundtableSoftware companies often focus so directly on researching and developing new features that they fail to understand the value of ongoing customer interaction. R&D is siloed within software development, while sales and marketing are responsible for customer interactions. At Cylynt, we’ve learned the important lesson that R&D organizations also need to be involved in customer interactions. R&D needs to know first hand what is working and what is not, and, more importantly, what future features need the highest priority.

Consequently, in 2018 Cylynt established its first R&D Roundtable Discussion, bringing together Cylynt and key customer R&D organizations to collaborate on vital anti-piracy issues and best practices for leveraging data for both license compliance and business intelligence (BI) purposes.

Cylynt's recent 2019 Roundtable Discussion built on the inaugural event and was extremely well attended, drawing senior development personnel from the world’s leading software companies. “Last year’s event was a bit challenging,” said Adrian Allen, CTO of Cylynt. “It was the first year of use for some of our biggest clients, and not everyone was taking full advantage of the Cylynt case management system and its reporting capabilities that provide deep insights through graphical views of events, cases, opportunities, and user activity. There were concerns about the veracity of the data enrichment, identification rates, and emerging circumvention methodologies.”

“This year was a different narrative with more clients participating and sharing experiences from a vastly improved case management process and new techniques for gathering valuable data. We’re really understanding how to provide the most value to our Cylynt clients with features that include more automation and artificial intelligence (AI) gathering functionality, especially with pre-qualification features for countries such as China. There were spirited discussions around the usability of the software and the qualification process, with clients sharing best practices and discoveries of ways to get the most out of the software.”

Allen updated attendees on all the new capabilities in Cylynt 2019 and spearheaded discussions on what clients want to see in the future and which features are needed most rapidly. The value of gatherings like the Cylynt R&D Roundtable Discussion cannot be overestimated. As a company dedicated to giving clients the most innovative investigative tools possible to protect against the global threat of piracy, this event goes a long way towards making the user experience as compelling as possible.

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