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Posted By Graham Kill on May 31, 2020

SmartFlow is Rebranding to Cylynt

GrahamKill_profilePic2-1Preview: Cylynt Chairman Graham Kill announces that SmartFlow Compliance Solutions is now Cylynt and talks about how the decision to reorganize and rebrand advances Cylynt’s business strategy to expand its core technology to become a broader software-as-a-service (SaaS) market intelligence platform behind the reorganization and rebranding.

Today SmartFlow, the industry leader in anti-piracy and license compliance solutions, became Cylynt. The decision to reorganize and rebrand advances Cylynt’s business strategy to expand its core technology to become a broader software-as-a-service (SaaS) market intelligence platform.This new platform offers sophisticated data-driven analytics to both maximize license revenue  and track usage trends to make more informed business decisions. Our laser focus on anti-piracy helped build a secure, scalable technology platform that has resulted in superior customer success in thwarting piracy and recovering lost revenue. The Cylynt motto that, we are only successful if our customers are successful has resulted in a 55% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and negligible gross customer churn over the past five years.

The Cylynt Vision

Cylynt is the evolution of our powerful SmartFlow technology, enabling our customers to utilize analytics to gain valuable insights derived from a centralized data lake fed from multiple data sources, including our telemetry sources and other datasets within the enterprise, allowing them to assess the overall health, security, and usage of their software assets.  Software companies can view customized dashboards that combine multiple datasets, highlight key metrics, and provide visibility and audit capabilities through the SaaS portal.  This visibility has proven especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic, as clients can track everything from evaluations to enterprise renewals.

Business Intelligence Detailed Perspective

Our business intelligence and case management platform offers powerful capabilities to assess a software company’s entire product usage well beyond the opportunity to convert unauthorized use, giving our clients a richer, more detailed perspective to make sound business decisions and add additional value to their customers.

Usage Analytics

Cylynt’s usage analytics module enables users to organize and monetize that data in order to make informed decisions about addressing licensing issues and generating incremental revenue. New offerings available in the latest release help companies gather and aggregate additional datasets beyond their license compliance program to create supplementary revenue streams through trial optimization, educational licenses, and enterprise license agreements.

Your Success Is Our Success

As we continue to grow and expand the Cylynt platform, our focus remains mission critical to our customers, as for many 10-15% of their revenue is facilitated by our products. We measure our success based on how successful our customers are in achieving such results. That role and responsibility has guided us as we have progressively grown in scale and set new quality standards for ourselves. We partner closely with our customers to help them maximize their revenues and that focus will continue as we continue to help them develop their businesses.

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