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Posted By Ted Miracco on February 23, 2021

Cylynt and Proof LCS Partnership

Proof LCS

Preview: Cylynt and Proof LCS are partnering to bring the software industry new capabilities for uncovering piracy, collecting installation/usage data, rapidly performing data analysis, and then monetizing those software licenses found to be over-installed or pirated.

Software companies are losing more than $46 billion a year in revenue, making it vitally important for them to uncover misuse, gather evidentiary data, and pursue infringers to monetize their losses. Companies still employing home-grown license compliance solutions and internal teams to address this reality typically require an investment in technology and an increase in team capacity to move to the next level as in-house solutions become overextended.

“Partnering with Proof LCS to augment your audit and negotiation strength means you add highly experienced auditors and negotiators as a turnkey solution that can scale up and down as opportunity and licensing issues rise and fall,” said Lee Taylor, Proof LCS co-founder. “Proof LCS is the new way to build a license compliance program—fast, easy, and effective.”

“Cylynt’s industry-leading data gathering and usage analytics combined with Proof LCS’s auditing and negotiation expertise is a win/win for software companies,” says Ted Miracco, CEO of Cylynt. “Powered by Cylynt’s software technology, Proof LCS can discover licensing issues at customer sites faster, more economically, and, most importantly, quickly resolve these issues once discovered.”

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