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Posted By Carl Daly on April 12, 2021

Pandemic Piracy - What the Data Tells Us About Illegal Software Usage

2020 pandemicIf there’s one thing to be learned from the past year, it’s that change can happen faster than expected. Roll back just over 12 months and it would have been hard to believe that many companies in different industries would move to a remote working model, with a large majority of employees working from home. With so many workers accessing corporate networks remotely, piracy is an even bigger risk to security.

What impact has this change had on the many years of fighting software piracy and what does it mean for software vendors moving forward?

Interesting Trends in 2020

Here at Cylynt, the industry leader in anti-piracy and usage analytics software, the system recently registered it’s billionth usage event in our software-as-service (SaaS) portal. Delving into this data highlights some interesting trends over the past year that could reflect piracy dynamics during “COVID 2020.”

Increase in Piracy 

2021 bar charts- instances of Piracy-1

We compared instances of piracy in 2019 and 2020. 2020 has been “normalized” to screen out the effect of typical annual increases in piracy from new customers and data growth from existing customers. Our analysis suggests that the incremental increase in piracy due to the pandemic is 44%.



2021 bar charts-revenue recovery-1

Revenue Recovery Opportunities

The good news is that this piracy represents opportunities for increased revenue recovery for our customers representing a value of almost a quarter billion dollars, a near 100% increase year on year.

Legal Escalations

2021 bar charts- legal escalations-1While piracy has increased 44%, we have seen a marked decrease in the number of cases being pursued through legal channels, likely due to court systems having reduced capacity through most of 2020. Our data reveals that in 2019, 1,295,325 legal cases were escalated, while in 2020 only 49,732 were escalated.

 Now that the pandemic is less threatening and countries are opening up again, 2021 could be a busy year for the court systems around the world as the 2020 backlog is addressed, providing opportunity for software vendors to recover through the legal system revenue lost to piracy.

Cylynt Can Help

There’s never been a better time to partner with Cylynt in protecting your valuable IP and recovering revenue lost to pandemic piracy. In addition, with Cylynt usage analytics, you can understand your usage data and realize your full revenue potential by driving sales engagements and maximizing evaluations/trials and renewals while providing excellent customer support.

Free Piracy Impact Analysis

You might or might not know if you have a piracy problem, but if you want to find out, Cylynt offers a free piracy impact analysis. We will provide you with a thorough research report and tell you how much revenue you are losing per year to piracy. We’ll also give you a forecast as to how much revenue you could potentially recover--all at no cost to you.

If it turns out you don’t have a piracy problem, there is still a lot of value we can provide in terms of gathering usage data and analyzing it to help you understand your user community, your evaluations, and your educational licenses. If you have usage data, we’ll do a free benchmark for you to help you understand your customer base and how to generate additional revenue while providing better customer service. 


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