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Posted By Caroline Pennington on July 20, 2021

Helping Vendors to Optimize Trials of Their Software

Software EvaluationIn a recent article, Ted Miracco, co-founder and CEO of Cylynt Inc., gives advice to software vendors on how to augment the trials they offer of their products and how to use these trials to improve conversions, generate revenue, and gain competitive advantage.

Advice for Software Vendors

Ted explains that there is a wealth of advice and information available online for companies and individuals looking to trial software, but very little to help a software vendor make sure that they truly optimize the evaluation process too.

The article, "Software Evaluation: A Case of Trial and Error for Vendors?" gives insight into:

•The challenges faced by software vendors with the 30-day free trials they offer
•How vendors can best track evaluations for a full understanding of how users are interacting with their software
•How to use the evaluation results to make more conversions to licensed users
•What the additional – and often hidden – benefits are that software vendors can glean from the evaluation process and how to maximize these across their business

Track Actual Software Evaluation Usage

It is acknowledged that the 30-day evaluation has certainly contributed to making the software industry the $600 billion global market it is today, but typically, only basic information is collected on a download form – name, company, and email address are usually the minimum. Ted explains how vendors can qualify the trials by tracking actual software usage. Cylynt’s approach is “Zero Dark Usage,” which means that we reveal for our ISV clients how their software is being used, opening up new opportunities, and ensuring they keep the returns they’ve justly earned. In the case of a 30-day trial license client, software vendors gain a 360-degree perspective of all aspects of usage, opportunities, and user activity data.

Tracking evaluations also ensures that prospective customers are actually using their 30-day evaluation period to their greatest advantage. Often prospective customers download trials but fail to see the evaluation through to completion.

The business intelligence garnered from usage analytics gives software vendors a competitive edge when it comes to generating revenue from evaluators. Understanding how potential customers are using and interacting with software in an evaluation is critical to optimizing the outcome of the trial and improving conversion to a paying, licensed user.

Read the full article here.

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