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Posted By Ted Miracco on February 18, 2021

Cylynt’s One-Billion Actionable Insights Yields $2 Billion

events-image-1Cylynt has traced more than one-billion usage events in its software-as-service (SaaS) portal, resulting in approximately $2 billion of additional revenue for its customers since its founding in 2014. The usage event number is expected to double every 12 months going forward.

Cylynt’s technology is integrated into $50 billion worth of customer software and actionable insights from its technology have been central to customers recovering an additional $2 billion in revenue through actionable insights that help companies convert unlicensed users to paying customers. Cylynt usage data also generates additional revenue through enabling software vendors to better understand how users interact with their products in order to upsell, cross-sell, reduce churn, and provide excellent customer service.

“Software companies rely on Cylynt to provide insights into the use of their software to help them effectively grow their business,” says Graham Kill, Cylynt’s executive chairman. “Field data collected from our portal is versatile. Many customers use it to prioritize development efforts. Others apply it to license agreement compliance to effectively maximize software revenue recovery and grow their business.”

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