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Posted By Caroline Pennington on September 17, 2021

Maximize Results from Customer Evaluations of Your Software

Eval webinar image-1-1For software developers, offering trial evaluations gives potential customers a great opportunity to try before they buy – but 90% of trials don’t actually convert to a successful sale, leaving vendors frustrated and at a loss as to how to maximize the trial experience and successfully convert trials to sales. In addition, for those trials that do convert, what can be done to ensure customer success with their new software that will earn loyalty and drive more purchases in the future?

Secrets for Successful Trial Conversions

In a recent software evaluation webinar, Ted Miracco, CEO of Cylynt, and Dave DiMillo, VP of Global Solution Sales, Thales, share their secrets on what can be done to successfully convert evaluations, as well as ensure customers truly optimize their purchases. The webinar covers evaluation outcomes, questions that should be asked about the evaluation, best practices, and the analysis of usage data that can provide valuable information about how customers are using the software, where support may be needed, and what customers will need in the future releases.

Usage Analytics for Evaluations

Software vendors often get only the bare minimum of information on a prospective customer and do not have the necessary technology to track how the evaluator is using the trial. For a successful conversion, vendors need to make sure prospective customers are using the evaluation to their greatest advantage. Often users download the software and then either get too busy to try it or hit a roadblock and give up and that they try all the bells and whistles that will help them do their job better. Usage data can also flag issues of adoption that the sales team and/or support can use to proactively step in and resolve.

Revenue Lost to Piracy

Nearly 40% of all software being used globally is not legitimately licensed. Usage data collected on software trials can tell the vendor if the trial has been pirated or the license used inappropriately. It can also reveal the details of the user and how the software is being used—information that can help recover revenue lost to piracy and illegal use.

This webinar is now available on demand. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the experts.

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