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Posted By Bob Smith on October 12, 2020

Cylynt Summit Guest Blog: Combat Software Piracy Through Industry Trade Organizations

Bob_Smith_2019_163-1Preview: Bob Smith, executive director of the ESD Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community, will be presenting at the Cylynt Software Monetization and Anti-Piracy Summit on October 28-29. In this blog he previews what he will be discussing at the event. Join the summit to see the full presentation.

Industry trade organizations can be highly effective resources, filling many roles within a market ecosystem and representing all its members equally. The offerings can vary widely but typically include initiatives that focus on reducing risk, promoting growth and efficiency and delivering events, education and market information to the membership.

ESD Alliance Role

Trade organizations act as the central voice of the market they serve. In the case of the Electronic System Design Alliance (a SEMI Technology Community), we speak out on behalf of the semiconductor chip design ecosystem. It’s our job to position design as the critical first step in the creation of any new electronic product. Without an innovative design ecosystem, the electronic devices we rely on wouldn’t exist.

We also serve another critically important role by providing a platform that allows companies large and small in the design ecosystem to collaborate on solving big problems that affect everyone in the industry. Our industry, like many, is impacted by software piracy. Our members report lost revenue from piracy that not only impacts R&D investment but can also lead to increased license and support costs to honest customers. More alarmingly, these honest customers can be harmed by dishonest competitors who compete with minimal investment in tools.

New Industry Standard Protocol

Well, the ESD Alliance is taking action! Under our auspices, the three largest vendors in the EDA software market segment are working on a joint effort to develop a new industry standard protocol that will be used with software license management systems to prevent software piracy. Most software license management systems rely on license managers that run on a server typically identified by a host id. Software pirates can easily clone the host id due to virtualization technologies, gaining illegitimate access to many additional licenses without added cost.

The SEMI Server Certification Protocol will outline a standard mechanism defining how every installation of a server can be uniquely identified, putting a substantial barrier in place against piracy. Our role is managing the development effort through one of our technical committees. Once established, the protocol will be managed by SEMI’s standards organization, currently responsible for managing more than 1,000 different standards in the semiconductor industry.

The ongoing problem of software piracy makes the SEMI Server Certification Protocol a vital and much-needed program. It’s also a great example of how an industry trade organization can bring together companies in the market to solve problems that affect all of them across the board.

Attend the Summit to Learn How the ESD Combats Software Piracy

To learn more, my talk on “Combat Software Piracy Through Industry Trade Organizations” will be presented at this year’s Cylynt Software Monetization and Anti-Piracy Summit.  Or, contact me at bsmith@semi.org for more information about the ESD Alliance and our initiative to combat software piracy.

Engage with the ESD Alliance at:
Website: www.esd-alliance.org
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Twitter: @ESDAlliance

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