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Posted By Ted Miracco on September 30, 2020

Cylynt Ranger Detects Tampering and Piracy in Legacy Software Products

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Preview: Cylynt has introduced Cylynt Ranger, a powerful new piracy detection application that enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to identify and track the illegal usage of older, non-instrumented releases of their software applications.

Tracks Illegal Usage of Legacy Software Releases

By detecting the presence of illegal cracked software installations, this unique product also helps protect end users from the potential threats posed by malware and ransomware that come bundled with cracked software installations.

Monitors Multiple Software Releases

Cylynt Ranger can monitor and report on the use of multiple software releases, in particular, legacy releases not instrumented with phone-home technology. Automated Ranger version updates are deployed from the gateway server to the protected machines. Piracy detection signatures can be continuously updated and deployed as new cracks are identified.

As a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based anti-piracy, license compliance and software monetization technology, Cylynt helps companies identify who is using counterfeit or unlicensed software. “Software vendors must be vigilant to stay a step ahead of pirates, who are ever more resourceful and sophisticated at hiding their identities and evading anti-piracy technologies,” remarks its CEO Ted Miracco. “Several key customers are already deploying Ranger in their extensive license compliance programs as part of a multi-layered protection strategy to overcome even the most sophisticated software hacks and ensure an uninterrupted flow of data.”

Cylynt Suite of Anti-Piracy Tools

Cylynt Ranger is the latest technology in the Cylynt suite of anti-piracy, usage analytics, and license compliance tools. Employed by the world’s leading software companies to protect their intellectual property, the software can be deployed in multiple scenarios to enhance piracy detection and provide detailed data driven intelligence to detect, identify and engage with unlicensed application users.

Cylynt Ranger is a key new addition to Cylynt’s software monetization and anti-piracy solutions. It is easy to integrate and deploy into existing license compliance programs. It can be deployed in conjunction with the existing Cylynt Sentry software development kit in Cylynt SmartFlow Enterprise and Professional, which delivers usage data from within individual applications through phone-home technology, to provide an additional layer of security.

Together, Cylynt Ranger and Sentry integrate with Cylynt’s business intelligence analytics to enable customers to better understand the data collected and to make informed decisions about the best ways to recover revenue lost to piracy and generate additional sales opportunities.

Learn more about Cylynt Ranger here.

Cylynt 2020 Software Monetization and Anti-Piracy Summit

Ranger will make its debut at the Cylynt 2020 Software Monetization and Anti-Piracy Summit in October. It will be overviewed at the Cylynt User Group Meeting October 27 and in a panel discussion October 28.

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