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Posted By Joyce Kuo on December 10, 2021

Cylynt Connect 2021 Attracts 200% Higher Virtual Attendance

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The Cylynt Connect 2021 summit once again attracted a record number of attendees, thanks in part to the virtual format, which enabled many more people to attend, as well as dedicated time zone sessions for both the Americas and Europe/Asia. 

Best Practices and Compliance Insights

The technical session provided tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Cylynt software investment, while the legal session featured real case studies for dealing with infringement negotiations and lawsuits. The session also did a deep dive into complying with the new China PIPL data privacy law while still gathering usage data. In the business session, experts discussed their strategies and tactics for growing your license compliance program and maximizing your ROI.

Attendee Survey Findings

We took a survey this year during the event that revealed some interesting points. More than half of attendees are interested in all the features in SmartFlow analytics and 38% are most interested in unlicensed conversion trends. 83% only go to court when absolutely necessary as negotiations failed, and when they do they tend not to say anything publicly beyond the record of the court. 65%% use both in-house and third-party outsourcing to engage with infringers, depending on the circumstances. 50% think a successful settlement rate for license compliance engagements is 36-50%, while for 40% the number is greater than 50%. While every territory is unique with cultural nuances, 64% of the respondents believe the engagement process is essentially the same. 

We are already planning the 2022 event. Hopefully, the pandemic will have eased by then and we can have in-person sessions to augment our virtual ones. Keep an eye out for more information starting in late spring through our newsletter, Cylynt Connections. If you aren’t on the mailing list, we encourage you to sign up here.

A complete summary of the summit agenda and speaker lineup can be found here.

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