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Posted By Graham Kill on December 15, 2020

Customer Success Drives Cylynt's Success

Cylynt Carolyn DowlingPreview: Cylynt is pleased to welcome Carolyn Dowling to head up our newly formed customer success team dedicated first and foremost to ensuring our customers achieve their desired outcomes while using our products.

As Cylynt announced in early 2020, our obsession with customer success has helped the company achieve an impressive five consecutive years of record growth and has minimized customer churn to under 3%. We won’t rest, however, until we’ve driven customer churn to zero by focusing on consistently delivering exceptional customer value and building a lasting and trusted partnership with each of our customers.

What Does Customer Success Mean?

If Cylynt’s customers are successful using our technology, then we, at Cylynt, will be successful too. We need to facilitate customer use of our technology to ensure that evidence of a return on investment for our customers at a minimum, meets their expectations, and, ideally, delights them.

Yet customer success can mean different things to different people, especially those who might have experienced that function born out of a more traditional customer service/support and/or account management function. There are cynics that say companies that establish a customer success function are merely jumping on a bandwagon (just look at the proliferation of LinkedIn profiles with customer success listed) and the function is merely a repackaging and rebranding of the classic customer-facing roles. The reality, of course, is that most businesses want their customers to be happy and successful at their core, but to some extent the cynics might be right regarding the name being a fashionable rebranding.

Key Customer Success Concepts

While customer success is central at Cylynt, it has not been formally constituted or perhaps had sufficient capacity to focus fully on key concepts:

  • Understanding and championing ongoing new needs from customers

  • Helping to shape the future of our products by representing our customers as if they are around the table with us when we discuss our roadmap

  • Championing customers in onboarding, adoption, ongoing training, post go-live support, including troubleshooting technical issues raised, and customer satisfaction

  • Being the “listening post” to interpret what customers need for others in Cylynt to take actions, such as product and service improvements

  • Identifying and sharing customer best practices across our customer community such that feature adoption that yields customer success is widespread

The above list is not the full brief for the customer success plan at Cylynt, however, those items all contribute to determining what success looks like for customers and ensuring that success is delivered from our solution throughout the relationship we have with our customers.

The New Cylynt Customer Success Team

Cylynt has now combined those working on customer success into one team and we are pleased to announce that we have a new leader for the newly formed and focused customer success team: Carolyn Dowling. Carolyn brings to Cylynt over 20 years of customer success and management experience working with Fortune 500 customers across various industries. Prior to joining Cylynt, she held customer success leadership roles at Tamr, a machine learning data mastering startup and at Cority, an environmental, health, and safety software company. Her career includes 10 years at General Electric in finance, sales, and executive education. She is a graduate of GE’s Financial Management Program and holds a BA in mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.


We believe this move to centralize our customer success players under a dedicated director is a strategic one that shifts our state of mind for customer success to be central to everything we do and that aligns our historic customer-facing roles with the very clear mission to pursue the success of customers using our solution. Simon Davey, Rammy Issa, and Stephen Greene will be working with Carolyn to achieve that mission.

Carolyn will be contacting customers during her onboarding process for an introductory call. In the meantime, you are welcome to reach out to her at c.dowling@cylynt.com should you wish to speak sooner.Cylynt Cdowling Head Shot-1-1-1-1


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