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Adrian Allen

CTO at Cylynt

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Cylynt Welcomes Carl Daly to Lead Product Management Plans

Posted By Adrian Allen on March 10, 2021

Cylynt is delighted to welcome Carl Daly to the team as he takes on the lead for product management. With over 11 years’ sector experience, Carl will be responsible for managing the entire product life cycle of Cylynt’s portfolio of products, from strategic planning to tactical activities, including evolving existing capabilities and developing new products for the company.

AutoCad Files Recently Targeted in Spear Phishing Campaign

Posted By Adrian Allen on February 05, 2020 Economic Espionage, Data Security

Preview: Adrian Allen, CTO at Cylynt, talks about the prime target CAD tools represent for countries interested in stealing industrial and military secrets and the importance of good cybersecurity practices in guarding against the persistent threat of spear phishing attacks.

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