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Posted By Elisabeth Glover on February 06, 2018

Cylynt Posts Fourth Consecutive Year of Record Sales in 2017

Final bar graph.pngCylynt has posted a fourth consecutive year of record sales for the 2017 fiscal year with revenues soaring 87 percent over 2016 and bookings pipeline growth of 104 percent. Growth was fueled by adding significant new customers in addition to contract renewals from existing clients. 

This resounding success shows the market is embracing the firm’s technology as an important means for combatting software piracy and insuring that intellectual property (IP) is used in accordance with the licensing terms.

“Cylynt's success in 2017 is built solidly upon the success of our clients,” said Ted Miracco, CEO of Cylynt. “We see 2018 as an opportunity to accelerate our growth while expanding upon our technology leadership in license compliance technologies.”

In 2017 Cylynt delivered significant new technologies to its cloud-based Cylynt Enterprise platform, including the innovative Cylynt company insights functionality that improves productivity by automating the investigative process and streamlining case management. 

The Cylynt software development kit (SDK) and tamper detection kit (TDK) were updated and enhanced to provide the market’s most comprehensive and flexible data collection capabilities to address regional data privacy legislation such as the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

 “Our outstanding growth and rapidly expanding customer base are a testament to Cylynt's commitment to developing cutting-edge software telemetry and forensics and delivering exceptional customer service,” said Chris Luijten, Cylynt co-founder. “We are well positioned for continued growth and financial stability, enabling the company to invest heavily in R&D to enhance IP security, reduce the impact of malware and provide confidence in personal data compliance.”

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