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Why Litigation is not the Only Route in Software Piracy

Software vendors have long endured outright theft and inadvertent unlicensed use of their products, through pirated software and illegal key generators. Prior to the development of robust anti-piracy technologies, there was little that could be done by the software vendors, and many software consumers were duped into "purchasing" counterfeit licenses to non-genuine software.  

A New Privacy Law Hurdle: China’s PIPL Law

Posted By Graham Kill on December 13, 2021 Industry News, Data Privacy, GDPR, China

China has recently passed the new Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), which went into effect on November 2, 2021. While several new privacy laws have created navigation minefields, given the size of the China market and the sometimes challenging interpretation of Chinese laws, PIPL is definitely one that must be understood and a strategy devised going forward. The 2021 Cylynt Connect softw […]

Cylynt Connect 2021 Attracts 200% Higher Virtual Attendance

The Cylynt Connect 2021 summit once again attracted a record number of attendees, thanks in part to the virtual format, which enabled many more people to attend, as well as dedicated time zone sessions for both the Americas and Europe/Asia. 

Counting the Cost of Unlicensed Software Use

Posted By Graham Kill on November 22, 2021 Software Piracy, License Compliance

As part of our mission to achieve Zero Dark Usage, we have recently been highlighting the increasing risk companies face from their employees using illegal software at work.

Maximize Results from Customer Evaluations of Your Software

For software developers, offering trial evaluations gives potential customers a great opportunity to try before they buy – but 90% of trials don’t actually convert to a successful sale, leaving vendors frustrated and at a loss as to how to maximize the trial experience and successfully convert trials to sales. In addition, for those trials that do convert, what can be done to ensure customer succe […]

Helping Vendors to Optimize Trials of Their Software

Posted By Caroline Pennington on July 20, 2021

In a recent article, Ted Miracco, co-founder and CEO of Cylynt Inc., gives advice to software vendors on how to augment the trials they offer of their products and how to use these trials to improve conversions, generate revenue, and gain competitive advantage.

2020 Cylynt Results - No Preening Here

Posted By Graham Kill on June 03, 2021 Financial

Each year, Cylynt issues a press release about its year-end results. I took on the task this year. 2020 was a really strong growth year for us, so why am I only writing this in June 2021?

Cylynt Calls for Focus on IP Protection in Senate Debate

Posted By Caroline Pennington on June 03, 2021 IP protection

Last week the U.S. Senate progressed legislation aimed to boost the national technology sector when senators voted 68-30 to move the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 nearer to becoming law.

Pandemic Piracy - What the Data Tells Us About Illegal Software Usage

If there’s one thing to be learned from the past year, it’s that change can happen faster than expected. Roll back just over 12 months and it would have been hard to believe that many companies in different industries would move to a remote working model, with a large majority of employees working from home. With so many workers accessing corporate networks remotely, piracy is an even bigger risk […]

Cylynt Welcomes Carl Daly to Lead Product Management Plans

Posted By Adrian Allen on March 10, 2021

Cylynt is delighted to welcome Carl Daly to the team as he takes on the lead for product management. With over 11 years’ sector experience, Carl will be responsible for managing the entire product life cycle of Cylynt’s portfolio of products, from strategic planning to tactical activities, including evolving existing capabilities and developing new products for the company.

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