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2021 Cylynt Connect

Software Monetization & Anti-Piracy Summit



Cylynt Connect is the premier event for software monetization, anti-piracy, cybersecurity, license compliance, and data privacy technologies.

Now in its eighth year, the summit is an annual event offering both virtual and in-person sessions. The content focuses on the most up-to-date developments in anti-piracy technology, business issues, and legal insights through real-world case studies, tangible strategies and best practices, and interactive Q&A sessions. 

Zero Dark Usage
This year's theme launches our new mission, Zero Dark Usage, which combines our expertise in uncovering illegal software usage and delivering and analyzing dark usage details that drive revenue recovery.

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Cylynt Connect participants are:

• License compliance professionals, software developers, corporate attorneys

• Other senior executives in sales, marketing, product management, finance, and operations


Cylynt Connect participants gain:

• Approaches to consider to maximize revenue from their on-premises software

• A better understanding of how their software is being used

• An opportunity to learn from experts about benchmarking their operations and developing continuous improvements to close the gap between where they are and best practices


Cylynt delivers those gains:

• Three two-hour themed sessions: technical, legal, and business

• Exploring the powerful combination of software monetization and usage analytics

• Tapping into, sharing, and discussing the experience of industry experts in license compliance, data usage, and monetization strategies and technology trends. These experts will cover:

  • Creating effective recurring revenue strategies
  • Best practices for engaging infringers and maximizing recovery
  • Actual case studies presented by those on the front line fighting piracy
  • Pursuing the goal of retaining customers for life

• Bringing the Cylynt technical team to you to share what Cylynt’s technology can do today and what it will be able to do into the future

• Interactive conversations and Q&A sessions

• Networking opportunities with industry players and executives from companies like yours who have been successful in transforming their operations, so you can continue the conversation beyond the sessions.


The 2021 schedule for virtual and in-person sessions addressing technical, legal, and business issues are:

Virtual Sessions 

• Technology - 10/6 (AMER), 10/11 (EMEA and APAC)

• Legal -  10/12 (AMER), 10/14 (EMEA and APAC)

• Business - 10/21 (AMER), 10/26 (EMEA and APAC)


In-Person Sessions (depending on removal of travel restrictions)

• Europe Clubhouse - 12/2

• U.S. Clubhouse - 12/9




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