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2020 Cylynt Summit
User Group Videos On Demand
(Customers Only)

The Cylynt User Group meets annually at the summit conference to learn about new Cylynt technologies, as well as to share best practices for getting the most out of their software investment.


If you missed this year's meeting, or want to review what was discussed, videos of the user group sessions are now available on demand:

  • Cylynt Ranger New Product Launch

  • Customer Success: Your Success Is Our Success

  • How to Scale Up your License Compliance Program

  • Hidden Gems: Creating Cases from Unmatched Events

  • Synopsys License Compliance Update

  • Usage Analytics

  • Cylynt Sentry (SDK) Best Practices

  • License Compliance, A Personal View


"It was great meeting everyone in person. I’m looking forward to a great partnership. The conference was great. Highlight of my year."

“I have been to many of these types of events in my time and I can say unreservedly that the standard of the SmartFlow summit was up there with the best of them."

"Thank you very much for the invitation to attend your annual conference! I truly enjoyed meeting the team, meeting some of your clients, and learning about new strategies, etc. I certainly will plan to attend again next year!"