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Cylynt Summit Presentation Videos

On Demand

The Cylynt Software Monetization and Anti-Piracy Summit is the premier event for software monetization, anti-piracy, cybersecurity, license compliance, and data privacy technologies. It brings together key technologists, attorneys, and executives in the private and public sector to discuss the critical issues and best practices for protecting software intellectual property (IP) from piracy and unauthorized use and leveraging usage data and analytics to generate additional revenue.

This year's event was the most well attended in our history and featured exceptional presentations from some of the most influential drivers in the anti-piracy industry. If you missed this event, or want to review any of the presentations, videos are now available on demand:

  • Enforcing Your Rights Against Cracked Software

  • Living the Headlines: The (New?) Intersection of Business Operations and Geopolitics in China

  • Roundtable: Accomplishing Piracy Revenue Recovering China and Recommendations for Protecting IP

  • Keynote: SaaS-fication of On-Premise Software

  • Software Piracy Litigation

  • Beyond Piracy: Capitalize on Missed Opportunities with Proven Revenue Growth and Value Creation

  • The Legal Terrain in China and the U.S.

  • Combatting Piracy: The "Three Rs"

  • Roundtable: Managing the Software IP Risks of Working Remotely

  • Combat Software Piracy Through Industry Trade Organizations

  • The Pros and Cons of License Compliance in Russia

  • Anti-Piracy Enforcement and Challenges in Southeast Asia - A Snapshot

  • Lessons Learned During COVID: How to Leverage Data and Technology to Scale Engagement and Growth


"It was great meeting everyone in person. I’m looking forward to a great partnership. The conference was great. Highlight of my year."

“I have been to many of these types of events in my time and I can say unreservedly that the standard of the SmartFlow summit was up there with the best of them."

"Thank you very much for the invitation to attend your annual conference! I truly enjoyed meeting the team, meeting some of your clients, and learning about new strategies, etc. I certainly will plan to attend again next year!"