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  • Check Out the Agenda of Speakers for the Cylynt Summit!
  • Summit Speaker Blog: How to Protect Software IP During Covid-19 and Beyond
  • Summit Speaker Blog: A Snapshot of Anti-Piracy Enforcement, Challenges, and Advantages in Southeast Asia
  • Summit Speaker Blog: Overcoming the Challenges of Protecting Your IP in Southeast Asia and China
  • In the News: The Espionage Threat to U.S. Businesses
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Here's the Agenda of Summit Speakers!

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User Group Meeting: October 27
Summit: October 28-29

This year’s agenda is packed with industry leaders discussing best practices for protecting your intellectual property from piracy and leveraging usage analytics to generate revenue. Dave DiMillo of Thales will present the keynote, speaking about the SaaS-fication of on-premise software and how to combine entitlements, usage analytics, and license compliance data for a 360-degree perspective on the installed base—a key advantage of SaaS companies and previously unavailable to on-premise vendors.

One of our two featured roundtable discussions will focus on best practices for protecting your IP and accomplishing piracy revenue recovery in China, with industry and legal expert panelists from Dassault Systèmes, Siemens, Hexagon, Rouse & Co., and Cylynt.

A second roundtable will address the issues surrounding the remote working norm, how to manage the software IP risks, and protecting company networks and systems from hacking. Panelists include Rory O'Connor, cybersecurity consultant, Michael Zunke of Thales, Alexander Pabiadzimski of Siemens, and Adrian Allen of Cylynt.

Visit the Cylynt Summit page to learn more about the speaker lineup and schedule details, and to request your invitation.

If you've already registered, you'll be receiving the dial-in link this week. Please be sure to check your junk email box if you do not receive this email.

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Featured Summit Speaker Blogs

How to Protect Software IP During Covid-19 and Beyond, Denise Mingrone, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


The remote working environment and greater employee mobility that has become our reality places software deployments at increased risk for piracy. Since the shelter-in-place orders have issued, software companies are reporting an increase in illegal usage of software applications of 20-30%, costing independent software vendors (ISVs) millions to billions of dollars in lost revenue. This problem is only expected to rise as remote working environments remain the norm.

Combatting Piracy: The Three Rs
There are three key pillars for implementing an effective piracy prevention program: restrict, recognizance, and remediate.

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A Snapshot of Anti-Piracy Enforcement, Challenges, and Advantages in Southeast Asia. Chris Bailey, Rouse & Co.


Rouse is an IP-specialist firm with a long history in emerging markets of Asia and the Middle East and a strong reputation for enforcement. Guest blogger Chris Bailey, a Rouse principal, is joined by Rouse colleagues representing Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia in an overview of enforcement in these three countries.

This blog presents a snapshot of how we enforce license compliance in Southeast Asia and how we address the issue of corruption, which affects how we operate, particularly with law enforcement officials. Our approach, and that of our clients, is that we have to be completely compliant and I’ll talk about how we work around that when dealing with enforcement.

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Combat Software Piracy Through Industry Trade Organizations, Bob Smith, ESD Alliance


Industry trade organizations can be highly effective resources, filling many roles within a market ecosystem and representing all its members equally. The offerings can vary widely but typically include initiatives that focus on reducing risk, promoting growth and efficiency and delivering events, education and market information to the membership.

Trade organizations act as the central voice of the market they serve. In the case of the Electronic System Design Alliance (a SEMI Technology Community), we speak out on behalf of the semiconductor chip design ecosystem. 

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in the news

The Espionage Threat to U.S. Businesses

cybersecurity-1-1Bill Priestap, adjunct professor at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service and former head of the FBI's counterintelligence division, and Holden Triplett, former leader of FBI offices in Beijing and Moscow, write in this Lawfare article that "American companies are in a bind. They are on the front lines of a fierce new geopolitical competition that threatens their businesses like nothing they have seen before. Understanding and mitigating the activities of spies must become standard practice for business leaders."

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