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Synopsys and Siemens Fight Back Against Theft Using Anti-Piracy Technology

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For years high-tech software companies have endured a consistent and ever-growing piracy assault on their intellectual property, which, according to the BSA Software Alliance, has resulted in lost revenue of more than $46 billion a year. Some have adopted the philosophy that piracy is part of the cost of doing business and there is no solution, but many have begun establishing license compliance programs to track illegal usage. Fortunately, new anti-piracy applications that use tamper-detection technology are being developed to expose software piracy, and software vendors are now able to embed these technologies into their products and track the telemetry details of who is illegally using their software, when, where, and how often. Armed with usage details that provide irrefutable proof of license circumvention and illegal use, software companies are fighting back and using copyright laws to prevail in court.

Fighting Back

Two industry-leading software developers, Synopsys and Siemens, have recently filed major lawsuits and appear to be on their way to winning their battles. This should be an inspiration to others that, armed with illegal usage data, software piracy can be curtailed and lost revenue recovered through the court system.

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