December 2019


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  • White Paper: What GDPR & CCPA Mean for License Compliance Teams
  • SmartFlow Values Your Opinion, We Want to Know...
  • Blog: Making An Impact Where It Matters Most
  • Blog: Industry Expert Graham Kill on Piracy and Data Privacy
  • In the News: CCPA - Should I Be Taking Action and Trump Administration Considers Blacklisting Chinese Companies
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Industry Expert Graham Kill Comments on Piracy and Data Privacy

Graham Kill

SmartFlow Executive Chairman Graham Kill sat down at the recent SmartFlow Anti-Piracy and License Compliance Summit for a video interview to share his thoughts on piracy and data privacy. As former CEO of Irdeto, a Netherlands digital platform security company, Graham has been dealing with piracy on a global scale for over 30 years.

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Michele Stefano, SmartFlow Business Development: Making an Impact Where It Matters Most

michele 2

We recently wrapped our 6th annual SmartFlow Anti-Piracy & License Compliance Summit, our best to date, and we have many exciting things to talk about.  SmartFlow is making a worldwide impact on the protection of software intellectual property (IP) and license compliance (LC) and this year’s summit highlighted topics including China, the GDPR, and the upcoming CCPA - with presenters and participants sharing their expertise, knowledge, and insights in their field.

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In the news

CCPA: My Business Isn't Based in California- Should I Be Taking Action?

This article on the Paul Hastings LLP Perspectives website provides a valuable summary of the basics of the CCPA, who must comply, and what they must do. There is also a comprehensive table listing the key differences between the CCPA and the GDPR.
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Trump Administration Considers Blacklisting Chinese Companies That Repeatedly Steal U.S. IP

The White House is looking for ways to ramp up pressure on China beyond tariffs. President Trump insists China must strengthen its intellectual property protections, but Chinese leaders have been reluctant to go as far as Trump wants, a major sticking point in the 19-month trade fight between the world’s two biggest economies. The White House claims the "phase-one agreement" reached this month includes Chinese concessions on IP, but no details have been released and Chinese officials have not confirmed anything related to IP.

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