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Cylynt Connection Holiday 2020/2021

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  • Cylynt Summit Presentation Videos Now Available On Demand
  • Featured Blog: Summit Attendance Hits New Highs
  • Featured Blog: Carolyn Dowling Joins Cylynt to Drive Customer Success
  • In the News: The Legal Limbo of Transatlantic Data Flows
  • In the News: Counter Counterfeit Versions of Licensed Software
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Summit Presentation Videos are Now Available On Demand

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If you were unable to attend or missed some of the sessions, the videos are available for you to view on-demand here. Because some of the sessions are content-sensitive, per the speakers' request they are hosted on a gated site that requires registration to view. You will receive an email with a link to sign up and create a password that will give you access to the content.

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Featured Blog

Summit Wrap Up: Attendance Up 250%!


The seventh annual Cylynt Software Monetization and Anti-Piracy Summit, held virtually over two days on October 28-29, was once again a huge success, attracting 350 attendees, which is a 250% increase over the previous year. Presenters included legal intellectual property (IP) and copyright experts, cyber-security experts, and seasoned authorities on license compliance and software monetization from industry-leading, global high-tech companies. Customers and prospects tuned in from over 20 countries to hear 33 speakers on a wide variety of topics surrounding software monetization, usage analytics, license compliance, and piracy litigation in the U.S., Europe, China, Russia, and Asia Pacific regions. The sessions included spirited panel discussions and interactive Q&As with the attendees.

Your feedback will help determine what we do next year. If you have not already given feedback please take a minute to do so here.

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Carolyn Dowling Joins Cylynt As Director of Customer Success

Cylynt Cdowling Head Shot-2Cylynt is pleased to welcome Carolyn Dowling to head up our newly formed customer success team dedicated first and foremost to customer service and ensuring the success of everyone using our products.

If Cylynt’s customers are successful using our technology, then we, at Cylynt, will be successful too. We need to facilitate customer use of our technology to ensure that evidence of a return on investment for our customers at a minimum, meets their expectations, and, ideally, delights them. In this blog, Cylynt Executive Chairman Graham Kill discusses key customer success concepts and what customer success means to Cylynt. 

Individuals working on various aspects of customer success have now been combined into one team led by Carolyn in a strategic move that shifts our state of mind for customer success to be central to everything we do and that aligns our historic customer-facing roles with the very clear mission to pursue the success of customers using our solution. Simon Davey, Rammy Issa, and Stephen Greene will be working with Carolyn to achieve that mission.

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in the news

Finding an Answer to the Legal Limbo of Transatlantic Data Flows

Leaders in SecuritySebastien Cano, SVP for cloud protection & licensing at Thales, a Cylynt partner, discusses how the impasse over data flows between the U.S. and Europe highlights the lack of trust between different data privacy policy regimes, leaving the state of cybersecurity in legal limbo. The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) recommendations on compliance with data protection of personal data are highlighted.

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Counter Counterfeit Versions of Licensed Software

Tag-CyberIn this interview with TAG Cyber, Ted Miracco recounts the history behind the founding of Cylynt and discusses the company mission to protect customers from software piracy, as well as help them regain control over lost revenue streams and get a clearer insight into how users are using the software so they can explore new offerings and enhance existing products.

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