February 2020


In this issue:

  • Rob Telson Joins SmartFlow Sales Team
  • White Paper: GDPR and CCPA Data Privacy Laws and Compliance
  • Blog: Flexera's Acquisition of Revulytics
  • Blog: AutoCAD Files Targeted in Spear Phishing Campaign
  • In the News: China's Theft of American Companies' Intellectual Property
featured blogs

Rory O'Connor, Consultant to Smartflow: Flexera's Aquisition of Revulytics... (PlacehHolder)

Adrian Allen, CTO of SmartFlow: AutoCAD Files Targeted in Spear Phishing Campaign


CAD tools represent a prime target for nation states interested in stealing industrial and military secrets that can provide a competitive advantage to their own indigenous industries. The cyber criminals behind a recent malware campaign appear to be primarily interested in industrial espionage and have targeted companies in specific industries using spear-phishing emails with AutoCAD file attachments or links that have been infected via embedded scripting modules. 

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In the news

Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers the Keynote Address at the Department of Justice's China Initiative Conference

Attorney General Barr made extended remarks today at a Justice Dept. conference on DOJ's "China Initiative" to address China's theft of American companies' intellectual property and U.S. concerns regarding China's "current focus on dominating 5G technology"
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Bill Priestap: The Spy Business is Booming and We Should Be Worried

Bill Priestap, former assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, warns in this New York Times opinion piece that the Chinese government is stealing not only U.S. government plans, but also the IP of private companies and citizens and is setting itself up as an alternative model for the world. 

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