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2021 Cylynt Connect
Software Monetization
and Anti-Piracy Summit

Zero Dark Usage!

Cylynt’s One-Billion Actionable Insights
Yields Approximately $2 Billion
Additional Revenue for Customers
Latka 250
Names Cylynt As One of
Top Global SaaS Companies

Cylynt can have an impact across your organization

Compliance and Licensing
Compliance and Licensing
Implement an effective license compliance program that curbs piracy, protects your valued customers, and generates incremental revenue.
Management and Strategy
Management and Strategy
Analyze your software usage data to make more informed business decisions, drive sales engagements, and maximize revenue growth while protecting your intellectual property.
Marketing and Sales
Marketing and Sales
Leverage your software usage data to optimize trial evaluations, discover license compliance issues, and renegotiate enterprise license agreements from a position of strength.
Research and Development
Research and Development
Guard your valuable intellectual property (IP) with security and licensing that protects your customers from binary tampering or counterfeit software that could include trojans, malware, and ransomware.

Piracy Impact Analysis

Discover if your software is being pirated or misused with our complimentary report that details your company's unique situation.

Piracy Impact Analysis
Transmagic Recovers $1.2M in Lost Revenue with Cylynt

Cylynt was able to help TransMagic recover lost revenue from pirated software, and provide the company with new customers as an alternative to a punitive approach

machines were detected using a cracked version of TransMagic.
computers within 879 organizations were identified.
total recovery from 97 closed cases after successfully engaging with 466 of those companies.
new customers were gained by TransMagic, some of which buy more seats and continue to pay annual maintenance.
of lost revenues have been recovered to date. Ongoing investigations involve an estimated $6M in infringements.

Cylynt’s innovative detection, identification, and analysis software intuitively generates the facts and provides actionable insights on how non-compliance and piracy are affecting your business, customers, and profits.

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